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Boost Your Curb Appeal This Spring

Spring is FINALLY on the horizon in the Houston area, and The Stanfield Team is NOT sorry to see this cold, gloomy weather end!  Springtime is a very busy season in Friendswood and Pearland real estate, and one of the spring-cleaning areas we stress the most for our listings is a home’s curb appeal.   Time to get rid of those cobwebs, leaves, and pollen and make your home’s exterior shine!  Here are our top ways to get instant curb appeal:


Lay Fresh Mulch – nothing provides more contrast to your front yard than a fresh layer of dark mulch.  Refresh those boring beds, and suddenly the greening grass and sprouting shrubs look much more vivid and alive.  Use a natural, dye free mulch and get the added benefit of keeping your plants healthier as well!



Pressure Washing – if your home is anything like our homes in Friendswood and Pearland, you’ve probably accumulated a nice layer of dirt, gunk, and pollen on your driveways, siding, and windows.  A good power washing session brightens up any homes exterior – especially front porches, driveways, sidewalks, garage doors, siding, landscaping rocks, and windows.  It’s also oh-so-satisfying to see your work in progress (come on, we know you’ve watched those powerwashing videos on social media too!).


Refinish Your Front Door – this one sounds daunting, but it’s actually an easy do-it-yourself job and relatively inexpensive to hire out.  Adding a new coat of paint or varnish to your front door can really increase your WOW factor.  A very cheap alternative to refinishing is to simply clean and wipe your wood door with Danish Oil – it conditions the wood and adds a layer of protection, and is available at all home improvement stores.



Pop of Color – this one is a real estate cliche, but so very true!  Planting a few flowering plants or shrubs brings vibrancy to your front yard (we prefer reds, vibrant pinks, or yellows).  Plant in the ground on either side of your front door, or place in urns or pots on your front porch.  Bye bye gloomy winter – hello spring!




Green Up the Grass – the last of the cold weather brings in the first of the dreaded weeds.  Many of our yards are a splotchy mix of brown winter grass and annoyingly green spring weeds.  Spot treatment of a ‘weed and feed’ product plus a quick 15-5-10 fertilizer will have your yard looking uniformly green in just a few days.  A more natural way to fight weeds in the future is to ‘mow high’ – which is to say, keep your mower blade at least 4 inches off the turf.  This will keep your grass healthier while also shading out the annoying weeds.


We hope you enjoy your Spring Break outside this year!  If you’re thinking about getting a home of your own, or upgrading to a new home in Friendswood TX, a new home in Pearland TX, or any other city in the Houston Bay Area, give us a call at 281-482-7100!


The Stanfield Team

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